Family's Celebrate Together

Once a year we hold an inter-school in house dance celebration & competition with all UltraFlex students. This helps create a healthy sense of competition in a fun and friendly environment without too much expense.  

Why we have an in house competition?
We believe having an in house competition helps build a competitive mindset & confidence without having high extra expense for parents. We believe a competitive mindset helps the student develop the following. 

Organisational & Preparation skill.
Taking Responsibility for his/her timekeeping
Packing belongings grooming themselves, Taking pride in their appearance. 
Overcoming fear and focusing on taking part and having fun while being rewarded for doing so.  
Being able to zone in on the tools they have learned in class will help them focus when adrenaline is high. 
Teaching them to manage fear and learn to self-regulate.
Stand in front of people, building confidence. 
Remember the moves, increasing memory & concentration and focus.
Learn how to combine movements, commitment to attending classes.
Learn to not freeze then run off the floor - Finding their courage and being brave.
To feel proud of themselves, self-praise and the praise of fellow students, family & Friends

Family support, sense of celebration and achievement. You have done it!
Receiving an award, expressing gratitude.