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Express Create Dance Awards


FlexYoStyle Classes Come Together

Once a year we hold an inter-school dance Awards Day. All FlexYoStyle students are invited to attend from beginners to advanced ages 2-18 years. This event creates a great sense of community across all our classes and gives the students the opportunity to show off their new dance skills and gain valuable performance experience.

Why do we have the Awards day?
This is our students' time to shine and get rewarded for all their efforts in class. It is a great performance opportunity. There are additional skills required when learning how to perform in front of an audience ​

  • Overcoming big emotions and learning to self-regulate. 

  • Performing in front of an audience will build confidence. 

  • It is increasing memory, concentration and focus in a busy setting.

  • Learn how to combine movements to help explore creativity.

  • Building a solid commitment to attending classes.

  • All students receive a participation certificate and award. This creates a great sense of achievement and recognition for taking part. They are ALL winners


What happens on the day of the Awards?​

  • Students have been preparing in their weekly class by learning two different styles of dance and putting together dance routines.

  • Students will be guided by their teacher and class leaders on the day.

  • Students will arrive ready to dance. Wearing black leggings or Shorts and a black tank top/vest or crop top. They can wear our dance T-Shirt etc if they wish.

  • Students will line up at either side of the stage and will be guided by their teacher according to age and star colour. Teachers will inform the students of their star colour and where they are in the running order before the event.

  • Each child will get a running order on the day. Times can vary depending on the number of performers, however, we are usually not too far out and in most cases allocate over the amount of time.

  • Students will perform their first repeatable routine they will receive a certificate with their name on it. They will be called up to take a bow with their group. Parents are then invited up to take a picture.

  • Once we have gone through the groups we start again with the second dance style. After each group has performed the students will receive a dance trophy.

  • You are welcome to continue to watch the rest of the groups or you are free to go home once your child has received his/her trophy.

We have a parent and dancer dance-off at the end of the day which is one of the day's highlight! The dads are definitely a few up on the moms now so we need the moms to pull out all the stops out this year!


Dancers Entry Fee €20.00

Event Venue
The Loughrea Hotel & Spa
Sunday 3rd of December 23-Doors Open @ 10.00am

Running Orders will be given out once all our entries are in and we can calculate the timing

Spectators Fee
Adult €10.
00 Children €5.00

Spectators' tickets will be available on the day.

The performer's closing date for entries is November 11th 2023

Please note that the sign up now button is attached to a stripe payment link. As a default, there are three tickets pre-attached to the booking. You will need to add or remove tickets as you wish by clicking on the Qty tab. Seating will be provided however this is not a fully seated event as performers and spectators will be moving freely on the day. 

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