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Combo Dance Class Titles|Ages|Descriptions

Welcome to our dance academy! Here, we're dedicated to giving your child a rich and fun-filled dance experience with our FlexYoStyle teaching method. This approach ensures your child will not only learn but also fall in love with dance. We teach a wide range of dance styles like Hip-hop, Freestyle, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Musical in all classes, making every class vibrant and educational.


Our aim is to ignite a passion for dance and performance, encouraging self-expression and creativity.

Your child will be part of our 'Reach-For-The-Stars' system, which celebrates progress and dedication at their own pace. We also host two major yearly events – our Dance Awards and the BIG SHOWCASE, creating moments for every dancer to shine.

If you're seeking a place for your child to flourish, make friends, and embrace the joy of dance, you've come to the right place. We encourage you to check out our class titles and ages to find the perfect match for your child. Join us on this exciting journey of growth, learning, and dance magic.

We are also SUPER excited to be launching our ACRO Dance classes this summer. More information mutation to follow soon!

Little Stars 

Ages 3&4 yrs

Little STARS is our special dance class created just for Pre-School children. It's all about having a blast while learning. Every week, we embark on a new and thrilling adventure, diving into the world of colors, shapes, movements, sounds, and expressions. Through these journeys, kids get to use their imaginations to discover and play with natural movements.

These sessions are more than just fun; they're about building new physical skills and learning to follow instructions, music, and their teacher's lead. It's the perfect first step into the exciting world of dance. Please note, spaces in these classes are limited and available in select locations only.

Little Stars

Some Areas Ages May Vary

3-4yrs & 5-6yrs

Little Stars offers an engaging and lively dance experience for our young students. As they start to dance with more independence, they'll feel proud of their progress and achievements. In this class, we invite them to discover various dance styles, diving into specific techniques, steps, and movements through creative interpretation, exploration, and the playful use of props.

This energetic class is designed to introduce children to the foundational aspects of dance in a fun and exciting way. They'll focus on enhancing their coordination, balance, rhythm, and timing, while also working on their flexibility and building confidence.

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Dance Stars

Ages 5-8yrs - Some Areas Ages May Vary.

Dance Stars offers a vibrant and innovative approach to dance, where students are immersed in a diverse world of styles, from Hip Hop to Contemporary. Our unique teaching strategy encourages dancers to become familiar with various genres, learning to express themselves through the music and rhythms that resonate with them.

As they progress through our dynamic level system, students enjoy a blend of improvement and fun, gaining the confidence to independently adjust and apply instructions. This class fosters a sense of independence and achievement, allowing students to be more pro active in their dance journey. They learn to recognize their strengths and areas for growth, choosing paths that intrigue them or tackling challenges with tailored support.

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Rising Stars (L1)

Ages 7-11yrs 

Rising Stars Level 1 is a vibrant and enjoyable dance class tailored for children eager to expand their dance horizons. In this class, we dive deeper into the rich tapestry of dance, enhancing students' skill sets and fostering a profound understanding of dance fundamentals, flexibility, and mindful practices. As they journey through our curriculum, students will explore an expanded repertoire of dance steps and movements, placing a stronger emphasis on self-expression and creativity.

Embracing our unique FlexYoStyle approach, we introduce more complex stretches aimed at improving flexibility and enhancing the range of movement. Our method intertwines the physical with the mindful, ensuring students not only advance in their dance abilities but also in their mental and emotional well-being.

Rising Stars is designed to be more than just a dance class; it's an adventure in boosting confidence, enriching performance skills, and having a great time. With a focus on individual growth and expression within a fun and supportive environment, our Rising Stars are set to shine brightly on and off the dance floor. Join us and watch your child's dance dreams take flight with creativity, joy, and a touch of Ultraflex magic.

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Rising Stars (L2)

 Ages 9-13yrs

Rising Stars Level 2 is an enhanced and dynamic dance class, specially crafted for children ready to take their dance skills to the next level. Building on the foundation laid in Rising Stars Level 1, this class pushes students further, challenging them to tackle more complex moves, deepen their dance vocabulary, and hone their mastery of dance sequences.

In this class, we delve deeper into the world of dance, broadening students' understanding of dance techniques, fundamentals, and the importance of flexibility and mindfulness in their practice. Students will be introduced to a wider array of dance steps and movements, with a renewed focus on fostering self-expression, creativity, and the confidence to explore larger and more bold movements.

Leveraging our unique FlexYoStyle teaching method, we incorporate more advanced stretching exercises to improve flexibility and increase the range of motion. This approach combines physical skill development with mindfulness, enhancing both the emotional and mental well-being of our students.

Rising Stars Level 2 is not just a dance class; it's a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. It offers a supportive and enjoyable environment where students are encouraged to express themselves, improve their performance skills, and enjoy the thrill of dance. As they progress, they will not only build dance memory but also achieve mastery in their chosen styles. Join us to see your child's dance abilities soar with confidence, creativity, and the unique spark of Ultraflex magic.

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Pre-Teen|Teens 12yrs Plus

All-Stars is an engaging and imaginative dance class designed specifically for pre-teens and teens. In every session, we blend exciting dance combinations and routines with a focus on nurturing individual expression and personal style. This class is a fantastic way to boost confidence, celebrate individuality, and foster self-expression in a supportive and dynamic environment.


Leveraging our unique teaching philosophy, students in the All-Stars class will develop solid dance techniques, enhance their fitness and flexibility, and acquire a wide range of new dance and performance skills. We emphasize the importance of a flexible body and mind through our Flex component, teach calmness and stillness with Yo, and celebrate each student's unique style, ensuring a holistic approach to dance education.


Beyond just dance moves, we encourage our All-Stars to connect with their breath, understand the power of mindfulness, and bring their unique flair to life through dance. Exploring genres such as Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, and Free Expressive Movement, this class promises a comprehensive dance experience that goes beyond the traditional, embracing the creativity and uniqueness of every dancer. Join the All-Stars class at Ultraflex Dance Academy for a journey of growth, fun, and self-discovery through dance.

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13yrs Plus

Elite Stars is the pinnacle of our dance program, crafted as a step up from the All-Stars class, designed for our most dedicated and skilled pre-teens and teens. This class is not just a step but a leap forward, demanding more from our elite dancers in terms of hard work, dedication, and commitment. Being part of the Elite Stars is a mark of honor and a testament to the tireless effort and passion each dancer has invested.

In every session, the Elite Stars experience is intensified with complex dance combinations and challenging routines, all while maintaining a focus on nurturing each dancer's unique expression and personal style. This class is the ultimate platform for boosting confidence, celebrating individuality, and encouraging self-expression at a higher level in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Building on our unique teaching philosophy, Elite Stars are expected to master advanced dance techniques, push their fitness and flexibility to new heights, and expand their repertoire of dance and performance skills even further. Our holistic approach—balancing the flexibility of the body and the mind, teaching calmness and focus through mindfulness, and championing each dancer's distinct style—remains at the heart of this advanced class.

But Elite Stars is more than just mastering dance moves. It's about connecting deeply with one's breath, understanding the transformative power of mindfulness, and elevating their unique flair through dance. Exploring advanced elements in genres such as Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, and Free Expressive Movement, this class offers a comprehensive and elite dance experience that challenges traditional boundaries and celebrates the extraordinary capabilities of our dancers.

Joining the Elite Stars at Ultraflex Dance Academy means embarking on a distinguished journey of growth, excellence, and self-discovery through dance. It's an opportunity earned through unwavering commitment and showcases the strength and spirit of our most accomplished dancers.

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