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Dance Class Titles|Ages|Descriptions

Every class will follow our 5-step teaching method, We teach a variety of dance styles such as Hip-hop, Freestyle, Contemporary, Lyrical & Musical each class offers great variety and makes every class interesting and exciting. Our main aim in all classes is to share with our students our passion for dance and performance while encouraging self-expression and creativity we do this through Dance, Flexibility and mindful practice. Student progress through our reach-for-the-stars level system which is fun and rewarding. All students gain an extra star for every term they attend. We have two big events in the year. Our annual dance awards where every student participating receives an award and our annual BIG SHOWCASE.

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Tiny Stars

Ages 2&3 yrs

TINY STARS is specifically designed for children attending Pre-School. It is a Fun and Interactive dance class, Each week we go on a fun and exciting adventure we explore colours, shapes, movements, sounds, expressions and so much more.  In these classes, children will use their imaginations to explore natural movements.

We develop new physical skills and encourage students to respond to the instruction, music, and their teacher. This is an excellent introduction to the world of dance. Limited Availability & Locations

Little Stars

Ages 4-6yrs

Little Stars is a fun and interactive dance class. Students begin to dance more independently and enjoy a sense of achievement as they progress. We encourage them to explore different dance styles, Using specific dance techniques, steps & movements through interpretation and exploration and the use of props. This is a fun & lively class in which children will learn the basic elements of dance. Throughout this class children will work on coordination, Balance, rhythm, timing, improving flexibility as well gaining confidence.

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Rising Stars

Ages 7-10yrs | Some Areas Ages 7-12yrs

Rising Stars is a fun and lively dance class. Children will further develop their skill set in this class, establishing a deeper knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of Dance, Flexibility & Mindful Practice. They will begin a broaden their range of dance steps and movements with a bigger emphasis on self-expression and creativity. They will be introduced to more complex stretches which will improve flexibility and range of movement all while having a ton of fun and boosting confidence and performance skills.

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Pre-Teen|Teens 11yrs Plus

All-Stars is a fun and creative dance class for pre-teens & teens.  Each class will incorporate dance combinations and routines and will encourage individual expression and personal style. This class is great for building confidence and encouraging individuality and self-expression. Students will build dance techniques, Improve fitness, and flexibility, and learn a ton of new dance & performance skills

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Dance Class Location & Times

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