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Ultraflex is moving to new way take payment for all term classes. Using this new way to pay, you only need to insert your card details once and the payment will come off on the 1st of every month in advance of lessons. 




You will receive a link from Ultraflex or an invite to your email address, from here you should go and book your classes online with our booking provider ClassForKids. At this point, you will see more information about how our subscription payments work, and what you will pay monthly. If you have siblings attending our classes, or if your child is booked into more than 1 class this may be higher but you will be informed if this is the case.

FAQs for parents


Why do I need to pay during the holidays?

The monthly payment you pay is your ANNUAL COST of attending split into 11 equal monthly payments. We will now only close for August. This means payments are still due where holidays occur. This is the simplest and more affordable way to pay for your children's classes. We plan to run classes through July and close our school during August in which case your subscription will be paused in august and will resume in September. We need to cover the running cost of the business over a 12month period reduced into 11 months of equal payments, This includes Staff Payroll - Insurance - Online Platforms - Administration fee's - Booking * Platform fee's - Operational & Booking Systems - Studio Rents - Licences - Training and much more.


What if my child no longer wants to attend?

We have a cancellation period of one month.

​Can I still pay in a different way?


No. After much research, we have decided that monthly payment is the most convenient and affordable way to take payments for all parents. Streamlining our payment options allows us to keep our admin to a minimum, and focus on teaching and continually improve classes."


  • Credit is not given for missed lessons or holidays.

  • An annual non-refundable registration fee of €20 applies for each dancer. Each students registration fee must be paid before they join the academy. It will secure your place and is NON-refundable. 

  • If you join after the subscription payment is taken out from your account an extra fee will be added to your first subscription payment to cover the classes before this date. Which in turn will mean your first payment will have an add on and will be higher than the others.

  • There are no refunds.

  • Our Awards Day, Gradings and Annual Show expenses are additional and of course, are completely optional.

  • Students who book a place and leave without paying will be charged €10 for every class attended and will also be invoiced for a months membership from the date you give notice that you which to leave the academy. Please note no discounts will apply to this type of booking.

  • If a class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances a replacement class will be rescheduled. This rescheduled class might not be held on the same day/time or at the same venue as the original class in which you are currently registered. We might also replace a class with online tuition in the event it is deemed unsafe and or a national health risk to our staff & students.

  • Classes will be cancelled in times of a RED WEATHER WARNING and or where it is deemed as UNSAFE to hold classes for whatever reason. In this situation, we will adhere to the advice of the local Garda, Met Eireann and our governing bodies. The safety of our students and staff is paramount. In any of this situation which results in a loss of service/classes, you will be invited to make up sessions once it is deemed safe to return to normal service/classes. We may also transfer sessions to our Online platform in which case classes will continue online as normal until it is deemed safe to return to classes. Online classes will be recorded and sent to anyone who can not attend online due to poor signal or if you can not attend your class for any other reason. We will not be offering a refund for classes missed either online or in person.

  • All accounts must be up to date and paid in full, No exceptions.​

  • Subscription payments will go automatically on the first of each month. Add classes attended before the first of the month will be subject to an additional fee that will be added onto your account. If you wish to cancel or pause a subscription fee. One month noticed is required. This gives us time to reopen the space for another student.

Monthly Subscription Fee

  • Mini's = €36.00 per month 

  • Juniors = €38.00 per month  

  • Senior's €40.00 per month


Sibling Discounts

  • Two siblings  €70 per month

  • Three siblings  €100 per month

  • Four siblings €130 per month

Mini's 4-6yrs

One 45 min class a week

11 monthly payments of €36.00


Sibling discounts 

Juniors 7-10yrs

One 45 min class a week

11 monthly payments of €38.00


Sibling discounts 

Seniors 11-16yrs

One 45 min class a week 

11 monthly payments of €40.00


Sibling discounts 

How To Sign Up For A Class

To register for classes please:

  • Check the class times in your location. 

  • Review the fees, terms and conditions

  • Review the registration information.

  • The registration fee for the chosen class must be prior to class starts, which and active subscription account.

  • Payment can be made On-line after registration.

The studio reserves the right to cancel/change class times and/or teacher

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