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Our Fees & Information


Mini's 4-6yrs

One 45 min class a week

Monthly payments of €40.00


Sibling discounts 


Juniors 7-10yrs

One 45 min class a week


Monthly Payment of €40.00


Sibling discount 


Seniors 11-16yrs

One 45 min class a week 

Monthly Payment of €40.00


Sibling discounts 

How To Sign Up For A Class

To register for classes please:

  • Check the class times in your location. 

  • Review the fees, terms and conditions

  • Review the registration information.

  • The registration fee for the chosen class must be prior to class starts, which and active subscription account.

  • Payment can be made On-line after registration.

The studio reserves the right to cancel/change class times and/or teacher

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