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About Ultraflex

Meet Our Founder

Kim is a dancer, choreographer, brand creator and Industry leader she holds a Licentiate qualification with the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) in addition to her dance Kim is also a children's yoga can mindfulness instructor through cosmic kids yoga and mini-me yoga & mindfulness. In December 2019 Kim was awarded the coveted All Ireland, All-Star Business Award & Accreditation. Kim is also a registered CPD certified service.

Kim has had an extensive professional career in dance that has extended over two decades. Kim has studied dance extensively and specialises in Freestyle, Street dance and theatre along with children yoga mindfulness and meditation. A powerful combination that would lead Kim to create Flex Yo Style a unique approach to Dance, Flexibility & mindfulness.

Meet Our Founder

Kim began her dance training at the young age of seven under the recommendation of her doctor as she was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and was told she could expect to be in a wheelchair by the age of 18yrs. Thankfully this was not the outcome and Kim turned her hobby and passion into a full-time career. It was here she understood the true meaning of a positive mindset.

Kim opened up her very first dance school at the age of 18yrs, thousands of pupils have passed through her doors and many of her pupils are now in the professional dance world teaching, performing & acting. Kim also studied applied social studies and physiology in a bid to expand her horizons after completing her leaving certificate, however, nothing moved her like her love for DANCE.

In Sept 2019 after 22 years in business, many studies, research, and planning, FLEX YO STYLE was born and is now been launched into the world as a creative, inclusive and inspiring Dance teaching method. Kim will be providing full training certification with licence opportunities so she can teach, support and empower others to create a life they will love doing something that is so unbelievably rewarding. 


What Ultra-Flex is not..

  • FlexYoStyle is NOT a competitive school. We do NOT attend outside competitions. We run our own annual in-house dance awards & competition day where all students participating will receive an award and we also award 1st 2nd & 3rd place. This give's the students a taste of competition in a fun & friendly environment where they can learn to support each other.


As a mum of two girls, I understand time is precious. I can see now more than ever how important it is to get the best out of each class. Committing to hours of extra practice with extra events is both expensive and time-consuming. It's about looking forward to each class knowing you will learn something new, have fun and meet friends. Progressing through a professional learning system will take you right up to our teaching level. We offer prosperity, not prizes.

What Ultra-Flex is..

  • FlexYoStyle build's confidence in children & teenagers through movement, helping them kindle fun, laughter and friendship on a weekly basis. 

  • FlexYoStyle build's muscle strength, flexibility, develop posture, balance and core stability. 

  • FlexYoStyle develop's a growth mindset, visualisation, goals setting.   

  • FlexYoStyle is a place where we learn how to support others and also learn how to ask for help. 

  • FlexYoStyle promotes team building, how to be a team player, stage and body confidence.

  • FlexYoStyle practices mindfulness & meditation it has proven to reduce the severity of anxiety in children and teenagers by giving them the skills to help them cope better with stress, as well as engage more fully with themselves and others. 

  • FlexYoStyle is a great form of exercise a love of dance from an early age can help motivate kids to stay active as they grow up.

  • FlexYoStyle enhances emotional development encourages socialisation encourages creativity to enhance cognitive development.

  • FlexYoStyle developed a unique teaching method and syllabus called FlexYoStyle which is a five-step teaching platform.​ It teaches our students how to increase flexibility, build strength, gain confidence, coordination through dance, flexibility, building technique practice mindfulness and meditation. A Strong Body A Strong Mind! 

  • FlexYoStyle is a one-stop-shop for Dance Flexibility & Mindfulness. 

  • FlexYoStyle uses their in house progress FlexYoStyle levels system called REACH FOR THE STARS to help the children develop and learn if a fun creative and safe environment.

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