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Only 2 More Days Left!

Ultraflex's Online Academy is going Golbal!

Would you like to join us at the super low price of €10.50 per month or just €7.50 per month if you pay annually!

You would be mad not to!

Please SHARE and help us spead the ultraflex love and let people know X WE ARE OPEN X

Homeschooling getting everyone down Would you like some time to yourself where you can reset have a coffee, make a call, read a book ANYTHING without everyone wanting something from you

Well, now you can! Join our BEST OF BOTH where you can claim back some YOU time while your children burn off some excess energy in a fun and productive way? Children missing their favourite after school activities (and your left making up the time)? Missing the social aspect of and interaction with others? Join our Monthly MASTERCLASS we love to make live connections with our online members. Looking for something everyone can do together without the fighting? Let us take the lead! Irish weather makes outdoor play unplanned & unpredictable? We get your back. Tired of wasting money on Toca & Robux just to get a bit of peace and quiet? Ultraflex's BEST OF BOTH virtual dance tuition program is coming to the rescue BEST OF BOTH is a combination of one Live Zoom MASTERCLASS monthly followed by set work pre-recorded within the ONLINE ACADEMY. It was created to help Dance enthusiasts from all over the world no matter what the level attend even more classes for a fraction of the cost. Where the student is in control and chooses the where, when, and how often they would like to train, time and money would not be an issue! Where screentime had a positive effect on students who are willing to learn in a whole new way have fun while learning skills at their own pace!

Imagine if your kids could: Progress through our virtual tuition program take grades and even attend virtual events all over the world. (Wow what an opportunity!) Learn to create there own dance routine through expressing emotions within the body, what a fantastic tool for real-life self-regulating. Develop a better fitness level in a fun way rather than having to bribe them to go for a walk or move more. They actually found fun in movement and not just sitting in front of the TV or screen playing pointless computer games for hours on end. Meet other virtual dance members in a supervised and friendly way where they to chat with there teacher and fellow virtual classmates, virtual socialisation. Learn a new skill, ignite a passion and nurture talent in a global pandemic. Such a great achievement. Not to mention the fact that we are teaching our children that when times get tough it's more important than ever to find what makes you happy and focus on the good stuff. Another life ling skill. (’s not our normal in-studio live class it's even BETTER) Help make lockdown a happy zone for all the family (parent can join in too) - that costs less than you’d spend on one cup of coffee a week (or another bunch of Toca/ Robux).

It's time to try out our 7 DAY FREE TRIAL NOW! and see for yourself. Click here to get started Our special offer expires Jan 31st €10.50 per month (€2.62per week) - No trial cancel anytime €90 Annual - (€1.87per week) - 7day Free Trial

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