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Children are not feeling sad, It's more like they are experiencing a lack of JOY in their lives!


When I heard this mentioned on the Tonight Show it hit me hard… As a mum of two girls ages 8&10yrs i could completely get it! It’s like the joy has been zapped out of everything they do. Nothing is the same anymore!

I myself as an adult ask myself, where is the Joy in my life and If i'm honest I struggle at times to find the answers. While I can process this feeling and break it down, a child doesn't have the same ability. For me I think about all that I'm grateful for, My family, my health, my home, my job and my ability to make a difference in other people's lives, especially the little people and teenagers that come to my classes.

I believe it's crucial that we help our children to find their JOY especially if they can't see it for themselves. I feel the best way to do this is to speak about the things that make them happy and try to include as much of that as possible into their lives. Focus on the feelings rather than the activities. Speak to them about the benefits to them even when they might not always feel like taking part. Hold that torch for them until we get through these darker times.

Yes Dance is my job but it's also where I find the most JOY in my life. It lifts my soul and transports me to a place I just can't describe in words. Am I always bursting with energy to get out to class? No, there are times where I'm tired and I'd rather sit by the fire, but once I turn that radio on and begin my class it's like I wake up something inside of me that could keep going for hours on end and I come home on cloud nine beaming from ear to ear.

I'll never forget one afternoon my little girl said to me, Are you dancing today? I said yes, why? I love when you come home from dance you are always so happy and funny…. She was 5yrs old at the time. I just thought what a great observation and lesson for her at such a long age.

Dance is our soul's way of communicating. Movement changes our mood and creates the opportunity to release and express our emotions in a fun and constructive way, providing a safe space to explore, build confidence and find JOY.

I hope you and your family find your JOY

Kim Somers,

Principal and founder of the Ultraflex Academy of Dance, Creator of the FlexYoStyle dance teaching method.

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