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Dance Teacher Training
& Certification Course

Do you dream of becoming a dance teacher but don't know where to start? 

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10 reasons why you should join our FlexYoStyle teacher training & certification course?



is a 5 step unique teaching method incorporating dance flexibility & mindfulness. Where there is as much focus on connection and self expression as there
is technique and flexibility. No strict syllabus to follow, just a ton of recorded class plans for you to follow along with in our online academy, which covers the full Flex Style teaching method.



offers a structured approach to all classes which is extremely adaptable to
all dance styles, genres, ages and levels.



provides a continuous support network for its licenced members with monthly training and access to a video library of our FlexYoStyle Online Academy content, Never worry about what to teach again! which will keep new teachers, dance
principles, studio owners and team members feeling confident, connected & supported.



teacher training and certification course offers an in-depth framework with
everything you need to know about teaching dance from the DOOR TO THE FLOOR!
This is especially useful for NEW teachers without teaching experience or those who are relatively new to teaching. Let me save you time & money by gaining from my 23 years in business. Learn from my mistakes so you can take the express route and not the scenic route to success.



offers an added layer of quality to an experienced dance teacher, studio
owner who is looking to refresh their teaching methods and offer something new and exciting to their students.



provides a fun and interactive class structure where no two classes have to
be the same and you will always run out of time instead of trying to fill the time.



offers a fun, friendly and non competitive approach to dance for all students
no matter what the age or level. Students progress through our Reach for the stars -
level system which can be totally tailored to suit your schools individual needs. Show
your students the path from mini to teacher no more senior’s dropping out feeling like it's the end of the road for them. Show them how they can turn their passion for dance into a full or part time career which could help them through college and beyond while also building up your own teaching team.



provides training & support to New teachers, Dance principles and Studio
owners so you don't have the extra burden, let me do the hard work for you.



creates a consistent dance teaching approach between all teachers and
dance styles, ensuring your student will get the best possible class experience no matter
what teacher or class they choose.



in the way of the MODERN DANCE TEACHER - adapt your teaching methods. Now more than ever we need a new approach. We need to taylor our classes to cope with the fallout of a global pandemic. Our students need to know we are ready and we are here to provide them with that space where they can come and
D - Discover their true dance potential
A - Feed their ambition
N - Nurture their talents
C - Connect with themselves and their friends
E - Express their emotions

Start your journey today!

  • FlexYoStyle Teacher

    FlexYoStyle Teacher Training Course - One Time Offer
    • Module 1: Steps To Success
    • Module 2: The Magic Formula
    • Module 3: Class Planning
    • Module 4: Teaching Method
    • Module 5: Reach for the stars
    • Module 6: Class Management
    • Bonus PDF: Students with additional needs
    • Bonus PDF: Anatomy & Physiology
    • Bonus Take 5 Challenge
    • Personal Feedback
    • Live Online Training Q&A Invitation
  • Teacher Pre-Course

    Sign up to our FREE pre-training course Dance Teachers SOS
    Free Plan
    • Access to Module One Video Training
    • Access to Module One Training PDF
    • Access to The Take 5 Challenge Video's & PDF's

“Ultra-Flex offers support to teachers in a fresh, practical and caring manner. The school has changed and evolved with the times and is always improving their services, up-skilling, training and thinking outside the box so they can bring the best learning experience to students and teachers.”

Jenny Buckley

Here is what our teachers have to saying about our teacher training

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