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What is FlexYoStyle?

FLEX YO STYLE is a dance teaching method which was created by the Ultraflex Dance Academy. It is a unique combination of Dance, Flexibility & Mindful Practice. It is a carefully crafted 5 step dance teaching method that aims to build confidence and encourage creativity and self-expression while nurturing dance talent in children, teenagers & adults.

The FlexYoStyle dance teaching method places as much emphasis on self-expression and creativity as it does on flexibility and technique. We encourage every student to Express Create & Dance. This is the way of the modern dance teacher.


Focuses on stretching and strengthening the body & mind, Flexible body, flexible mind. Flexibility is the foundation of all dance movements.


Teaches students how to be calm, be still, relax the body and mind through connecting with our breathing and understand the power of our breath.


Because every BODY has its own unique style. We help bring that to life through DANCE enjoying styles such as Hip Hop, Freestyle, Musical, Contemporary, Lyrical and Free Expressive Movement.


Ways in which you can JOIN US!

Young Modern Dancers

All-Stars 11 yrs +

Because every BODY has its own unique style. We help bring that to life through dance enjoying styles such as Hip Hop, Contemporary, Freestyle, Lyrical & Musical. We encourage our students to Express, Create & Dance.

Ultraflex Dance Academy

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Ultraflex Academy of Dance est in 1997

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