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  • How do we pay for classes?
    Ultraflex now takes payment for all classes on a monthly basis. (Subscription) Using this new way to pay, you only need to register your card details once and the payment will come off on the 1st of every month in advance of lessons.
  • What's my NEXT STEPS?
    Registration Classes are filled as registrations arrive. Class sizes are limited. Avoid disappointment by registering and paying for your child’s classes today. Registration without payment does not guarantee a spot in your chosen class(es). We will create a waiting list for a class that has filled but we cannot guarantee a place. If a spot becomes available, we will fill it with the first person on the waiting list. There is no guarantee a person on a waiting list will get a place. 2nd or 3rd term placement is not guaranteed unless payment is made before the term starts. You will receive a link from Ultraflex or an invite to your email address, from here you should go and book your classes online with our booking provider ClassForKids. If you are a new member you can head straight to our website and register and book your class. There may be a waiting list as first preference is given to members from the previous term. However these places will be released if not booked. At this point, you will see more information about how our subscription payments work, and what you will be then registering to pay monthly. If you have siblings attending our classes, or if your child is booked into more than 1 class this may be higher but you will be informed if this is the case.
  • Can I still pay in a different way?
    After much research, we have decided that monthly payment is the most convenient and affordable way to take payments for all parents. Streamlining our payment options allows us to keep our admin to a minimum, and focus on teaching and continually improve classes." However, paying for a month's term may be paid in class instead of online if instructed and arranged by your teacher.
  • What if my child no longer wants to attend?
    We have a cancellation period of one month. So we can offer the place to another student. Simple email and we will start the one-month notice period.
  • Do I need to pay during the holidays?
    No, The monthly payment you pay is for attending monthly only there will be 10 monthly payments. We close for July & August. This means you don't pay for the holiday terms. If we plan to run classes through July/August you will be invited to attend these extra sessions if you wish to take part then you can pay the additional fee. When we close all subscriptions will be paused in will resume when we reopen with notice.
  • How much is the registration fee and Is the registration fee refundable?
    The annual registration fee of €25 applies for each dancer. Each student's registration fee must be paid before they join the academy. It will secure your place and is NON-refundable.
  • What is the registration fee for?
    Why do we have to pay for it? Business costs run over 12 months and our business primarily runs over 10months. There are also outside expenses such as the administrative cost of setting up a student in our studio-class-management system and helps keep your tuition costs lower. The registration fee covers the costs of insurance, software, processing and computer time required to set up a student in the attendance and tuition-billing system. music fees, material and studio communication costs—all separate expenses from class tuition. This also includes Staff Payroll - Insurance - Online Platforms - Administration fees - Booking * Platform fee's - Operational & Booking Systems - Studio Rents - Licences - Training and much more.
  • What if I join classes mid-way through the term?
    If you join after the subscription payment is taken out from your account an add-on fee will be applied to your first subscription payment to cover the classes before this date. Which in turn will mean your first payment will have an add-on and will be higher than the others.
  • What is your refund policy?
    There are no refunds for booked terms.
  • Are there additional costs outside of term fees?
    Our Awards Day, Gradings, and Annual Show expenses are additional and of course, are completely optional.
  • What happens if I drop out of classes and don't pay for the classes owed?
    This is extremely unlikely however we have had this happen on rare occasions and find it extremely unfair as we could have filled the student's places with notice and would not be left at a loss considering the cost of running a class. Students who book a place and leave without paying will be charged €10 for every class attended and will also be invoiced for a month's membership from the date you give notice that you wish to leave the academy. Please note no discounts will apply to this type of booking.
  • What happens if a class has to be cancelled?
    If a class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances a replacement class will be rescheduled. This rescheduled class might not be held on the same day/time or at the same venue as the original class in which you are currently registered. We might also replace a class with online tuition in the event it is deemed unsafe and or a national health risk to our staff & students.
  • What is the cost of the term as a studio member?
    Our Dance Term is for 10 weeks. Tiny Stars €110 & Little Stars is €120 & Rising Stars and All-Stars are €130. Trial classes are €10 or we have FREE trial class offers running at different times. You only pay from the week after your trial class. The system will calculate the remaining cost of the term and you will be charged on a pro rata-basis. There is a €30 registration fee which is paid annually per student, this to cover costs that are outside tuition fees for example Insurance, Platforms & Online Fee's, Transition fee's, Staff, Tech and administration.
  • When are classes most likely to be cancelled?
    Classes will be cancelled in times of a RED WEATHER WARNING and or where it is deemed as UNSAFE to hold classes. In this situation, we will adhere to the advice of the local Garda, Met Eireann, and our governing bodies. The safety of our students and staff is paramount. In any situation which results in a loss of service/classes, you will be invited to make up sessions once it is deemed safe to return to normal service/classes. We may also transfer sessions to our Online platform at an allocated time in which case classes will continue online until it is deemed safe to return to classes.
  • What happens if I can't attend the online classes?
    Online classes will be recorded will be stored in our academy for those who can not attend online due to poor signal or if you can not attend your class for any other reason. Unfortunately, we can not offer a refund for classes missed either online or in person.
  • What happens if I fall behind with class fees?
    I understand this would be very upsetting for all involved unfortunately we can not offer credit with the number of overheads we have to pay. All accounts need to be up to date and paid in full.​ Please email and advise if you are experiencing financial difficulties.
  • How does the subscription payment work?
    Subscription payments will go automatically from your account on the 1st of each month. Any classes attended before the first of the month will be subject to an additional fee that will be added to your account. If you wish to cancel or pause a subscription fee. One month's notice is required. This gives us time to reopen the space for another student.
  • Can I book a Trial Class before i sign up for a term as a live studio member?
    Yes, Your welcome to come and try out a class before you sign up to our 10 week term. Trials have to be booked and Paid for Online through our booking portal. The Cost of a trial is €10. (unless you are lucky enough to grab a FREE trial offer!!!!
  • Are your classes safe with Covid-19?
    Ultraflex has its certificate to recognize that we are covid secure and all the staff have passed Covid training. We have very comprehensive safety procedures, risk assessments and are very strict about the rules. You and your family's safety is our priority and we take this very seriously.
  • Do classes run in the summer?
    No, Ultraflex’s terms run in conjunction with the school term. 3 terms a year and we stop for half term.
  • Does my child need to bring anything to class?
    They need to bring a drink to every class (non-fizzy)
  • How many shows do you do a year?
    We do 1 large show each year in the summer term. We also host a Christmas awards/in-house competition, but this is optional.
  • How will my child develop?
    Each student will progress at a different speed and some make better advances in different sections of our FlexYoStyle teaching method more than another it depends on each individual child. We have our reach for the Stats Level system which ensures every student is reaching their full potential.
  • What if we miss?
    Then you can take a top-up class; these are available to all students - if you miss a week, notify the office and you can attend any of our other schools and catch up on your class, within that term. Unfortunately, this is not available on show terms, as routines will vary from class to class, and also pre-booking is essential due to limited numbers and covid restrictions.
  • What should my child wear to class?
    Here at Ultraflex, we don’t have a uniform, many of the children like to wear an Ultraflex t-shirt but it is not compulsory. Your child will need to wear clothes that they can move in and a pair of trainers on their feet, soft shoes, socks with grips like trampoline ones or trainers/pumps will do.
  • What will my child be doing each week?
    It depends on the age group (see classes) generally dance classes are broken down into 5 sections. See the full description on our website.
  • When does my child move up a class?
    The classes are age-based, however, if we feel as teachers that your child needs to be challenged more then we will advise accordingly. Sometimes there is a big jump between two classes and we have to make sure the children are ready for that jump. I also operate a level system within the class. Students love getting all their colours and seeing the progression through each term. Please see the full description of our Reach for the stars Level system on our website.
  • What is a FLEXYOSTYLE?
    FLEX YO STYLE is a unique combination of Dance, Flexibility & Mindfulness. Which aim to build confidence, and encourage creativity and self-expression while nurturing talent in children and teenagers. Connecting the body and mind to support all other areas of their life. Flex Focuses on stretching and strengthening the body & mind, Flexible body flexible mind. 
Yo Teaches students how to be calm, be still, relaxing the body and mind through mindful movement breathing & mini-meditations, We take a deeper look at growth mindset through dance and visualisation. Plus we aim to end our sessions with a mini-meditation to relax and calm the body and mind. 
Style Because every BODY has its own unique style. We help bring that to life through dance enjoying styles such as Hip Hop, Contemporary, Freestyle, Lyrical & Musical. We encourage our students to Express, Create & Dance. FlexYoStyle provides a structured progression *reach for the stars* level system which takes students from minis 4yrs right up to professional teachers and adults. Turning their passion into a career. Many of our students are now professionals in the dance and fitness industry. FlexYoStyle is the perfect class choice for all your little star's needs, with over 25 years of experience, we've got it covered. More than just great DANCE!
  • What are the benefits of being a FlexYoStyle Instructor?
    FlexYoStyle was created by a recognised and established dance school brand Ultraflex academy of dance who have over 24years of experience in the industry. Its teaching method has been tried and tested and uniquely developed into a fun inclusive and non-competitive dance style which is hugely sought after in today's world. It is the way of the modern dance teacher. We have now trained hundreds of instructors over the past 15 years. We know what works and what doesn't. This alone will save you so much time and a lot of money. You can work flexible hours that suit you and your lifestyle. You can obtain marketing and promotional material. You will receive ongoing support by email, online resources, and a network of FYS instructors. You can offer classes to children’s centres, private homes, health centres, as well as set up private classes. You can run parents courses, birthday parties, corporate events.
  • Who is suitable for this course?
    This course is ideal for anyone with dance experience who is working or interested in working with children, young people & adults. We have had a variety of people take the training including teachers and educators, mentors, preschool owners, nursery workers, parents, yoga and dance teachers.
  • I am not a Dance teacher, is the course suitable for me?"
    You do not need to be a dance teacher to take the FlexYoStyle course. The main thing is that you enjoy working with children and have enthusiasm, creativity and energy. We have also had lots of parents take the course who want to use the techniques with their children.
  • Do I need yoga or meditation experience before I take the course?
    No, this is not a yoga course and you do not need yoga or meditation/mindfulness experience, although if you have it that is a bonus!
  • I don’t really want to teach, but would like to use the ideas at home with my children. Can I come to the course?"
    You are welcome to come on the course and use it in conjunction with the online academy at home with your children and their friends. At a later stage, once you have built up your confidence, you may like to start some classes and you can start paying for a license.
  • What will I be able to do after the course?
    Once you have successfully completed the course, submitted the material required, received certification and you are within licence, you will be able to run Mini's, Junior, Senior weekly classes, workshops in schools, creches/Preschools, private parties, corporate events.
  • Can I retrain at any point?
    Yes, you can attend another training at a later date when you feel you need a refresher. We host various training re-boot days. Please check our website.
  • How do I get a FlexYoStyle Certificate?
    To receive a certificate, we ask all new instructors to record themselves doing two lesson plans, one for our mini's and one suitable for our mixed level. you can choose from one of the examples in our teachers portal. You must then upload your recordings on the FlexYoStyle’ teachers portal. Once you have uploaded all your lesson plans and have reached the required standard, you will receive a certificate by email.
  • Required standard in Lesson Planning.
    We have a template in resources that you can recreate, we suggest that the instructor records each section of the class separately. Using our 5 step teaching method. Please use the planning template in your course resource to give you an indication of the time spent in each section. We would ask you to pay particular attention to how you present your class. Making use of facial expressions, body language, voice projection and of course your overall energy and passion should shine through. Let us get to know you and your uniqueness. Once you have received your certificate by email, you will need to pay your license fee before you can gain access to the library of resources and start running classes. The license fee enables you to have access to the library of resources, advertise your classes on our website, use the FlexYoStyle logo and trademark as well as benefit from the community of FlexYoStyle
  • How long after the course do I have to submit my lesson plans etc.?
    There is no time limit, although we suggest you get started as quickly as possible to help keep you motivated.
  • Am I bound by any contract?
    To receive your certificate you will need to sign a license agreement form. This entitles you to run your classes using the FlexYoStyle logo and trademark. If you wish to cease trading you simply have to notify us in writing.
  • What happens if there is another FlexYoStyle instructor near me?
    We like to encourage instructors to support each other rather than compete. We believe there is strength in numbers and there is enough for everyone. In my experience I have filled many dance classes and have been in the same area as many dance schools. We have all done well as what will suit one will not suit another. Supporting other instructors and feeling supported is all part of the FlexYoStyle ethics as often people can share the workload (Marketing/Promotions) or help out if any cover is needed. It also raises the brand profile if people see that there are more classes in their area.
  • What support do I get after the training?
    You will get access to the instructor's private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share ideas and get motivated. Once you are licensed, you get access to an online academy video library of resources, lesson plans and letters as well as marketing materials.
  • How much is the license fee?
    Whilst you are running classes the license fee is paid every month (€29.00). As part of the license, you will have access to our Online Academy where you can choose from any of the FlexYoStyle video libraries to create your monthly class plans that will keep your classes fresh, fun and up to date.
  • Why do I have to pay the license fee?
    The license fee is to allow you to run FlexYoStyle classes using the logo, brand and materials. You also receive online support including emails, a wealth of quality online resources, a forum where you can talk to other coaches, You do not need to purchase the license until you are ready to start offering classes.
  • Is there a written/practical examination?
    No, just the assessment on your class plan recordings
  • Do I have to run a certain amount of classes each month?
    No, you are free to work as much or as little as you wish
  • Who is the Online Dance Academy for?
    Our Online Academy was created so we could reach even more students who couldn't access our service due to time restrictions, affordability, and now even more serious health and safety restrictions. We want to provide a one-stop-shop for all your dance, flexibility & mindfulness needs on a convenient and affordable platform. We are so grateful for the opportunity to develop new and fun ways in which we can learn, Improve and Master our Dance, Flexibility, and Mindfulness. Our Online Academy is open to EVERYBODY, not just our in-class students. However, it is a great addition to those who take their dance seriously and want to progress to the next level. It's also a fantastic option for those who just want to have fun and burn off some excess energy. It's suitable for both primary and secondary schools as part of their PE sessions, active school, and health and wellbeing lessons. It is also for both preschools and creches as we have tons of easy-to-follow mini-mover routines. Hours of fun with so many health and well-being benefits. We have 24yrs experience in the dance industry and we got you covered.
  • Do I need dance experience to sign up for the ONLINE Academy?
    No, the online academy is for absolute beginners right up to experienced dancers. The glory of the only academy is that everything is broken down into small steps so you can take as quickly or as slow as you want.
  • Do I need to be a member of a dance school to enjoy the ONLINE academy?
    No, We have lots of members who have never attended any formal dance training and have loved learning at their own pace from the comfort of their own home.
  • Do you have any safety tips before I begin my Online Dance Lesson?
    Yes, It is essential that you warm up before attempting any form of activity. Please make sure you have cleared a space with no obstructions, sharp corners, or slippery surfaces. Please read our online class waiver form before you begin and understand that by taking part in this course you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions. If you are feeling unwell do not exercise or if you have any previous injuries. You should always seek your doctor's advice if unsure and go with his/her recommendations. Make sure to wear loose clothing, nothing that will restrict your movement. Stay well hydrated with plenty of water.
  • Do I have to take part in the monthly LIVE MASTERCLASS?
    No, the masterclass is optional. We preorder all our masterclass material. If you prefer to take the class at a later stage, all the classwork will be uploaded to the academy for you to enjoy.
  • Will the subscription fee renew automatically once my 7-Day FREE trial ends?
    Yes, the subscription will automatically start once your 7-day FREE trial ends. You can however choose to cancel your subscription when your trial ends any time through your subscription period. Please note that both 6mts & 12mts subscriptions will also automatically renew unless you cancel before the renewal date. It's a good idea to set a reminder on your phone!.
  • How do I register for the ONLINE academy?
    Simply go to our website and go to our online academy page. Ready the terms and conditions and select the payment option that best suits your needs. Bear in mind the longer the subscription the better value you will receive.
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