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Meet The Founder

Mrs. Kim Somers – Principal/Director, L.I.D.T.A

About Kim - Founder of UltraFlex Dance Academy

Since founding UltraFlex in 1997, I have dedicated over two decades to cultivating a thriving dance community. Starting with just a single class each week, we now offer classes across multiple locations in Cork and Galway. Over 25 years, Ultra-Flex has grown exponentially, with ambitions to expand nationally and internationally.

As a business owner and industry leader, I am profoundly aware of what it takes to maintain excellence in this competitive industry. My educational background in child psychology has been invaluable in understanding the learning pathways and behaviors of my students, allowing me to tailor our offerings to better meet their educational and emotional needs.

Innovative Teaching Platforms: FlexYoStyle and TakeFive

I created FlexYoStyle, a unique class platform that incorporates dance, flexibility, mindful movement, and mini-meditation. This approach is designed to boost confidence, happiness, and focus in children and teenagers, enhancing all areas of their lives and providing them with lifelong skills.

Additionally, I developed TakeFive, an online course that invites all family members to engage in activities like breathing, getting active, stretching, dancing, and meditating. This mini master class connects the mind to movement, promoting a happier, healthier lifestyle.


Personal Journey and Vision

My passion for dance began at the age of seven, despite challenges with rheumatoid arthritis, which doctors feared would confine me to a wheelchair by age 18. Defying these predictions, I started my first dance class at 18 and have since celebrated every day that I can share the joy and transformative power of dance.

Mission and Future Goals

My mission is to empower and educate both students and teachers to excel in the dynamic landscape of the dance industry. We aim to connect emotions to movement and uphold exceptionally high standards of dance and performance. I am excited to soon introduce FlexYoStyle and TakeFive to a broader audience through studios, schools, crèches, homes, and online platforms, continuing to innovate and expand the reach of our programs.

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