Flex Yo Style

What Is Flex Yo Style ?

FLEX YO STYLE is a three step approach to Dance, Flexability & Mindfulness. Our aim to build confidence, happiness and focus in children and teenagers by teaching them the art of Dance, flexibility, mindful movement & mini meditation. Stretching the body and mind will support all other areas of their life and build lifelong skills.


Which will work on stretching and strengthening the the body & mind,

Which teaches them how to be calm, still, relaxing the body and mind through mindful movement breathing & mini meditations, ​We take a deeper look at growth mindset through dance and visualisation plus we aim to end our sessions with a mini meditation to relax and calm the body and mind.

Because every BODY has their own unique style. We help bring that to life through many dance styles such as Hip Hop ,Freestyle, Musical. We like to tell our students to Express, Create & Dance. Listen to the music and let your body take the lead.

We call this FlexYoStyle  

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